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BBR DEX210 - Body & wing set [BBR0011]

Fits: Durango DEX210

Price: $22.00 (AUD)
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After the success of the shell for the DEX410, I started experimenting with a similarly shaped body for the new Team Durango DEX210. I discovered that the cab shape was well suited to the design of the DEX210 too. The slightly cab forward design gives the same aerodynamic performance benefits as the DEX410 shell of the narrowed rear cab with wing shaped sidepods designed to generate downforce and feed air up to the rear wing.

Designed to fit in any motor configuration by either cutting for one particular mid motor configuration or leaving the rear uncut for rear motor.

The rear wing has been widened in the centre for gearbox clearance in rear motor mode.

The optional rear cowl set (sold separately [BBR0015]) allows you to change between motor configurations without buying a new shell. The cowls provide slightly more room above the motor tabs, but if your motor tabs don't protrude further than 6-7mm from the can you should be able to fit it without the extra clearance.

  • Aerodynamic cab design for low drag

  • Agressively up-swept rear for maximum downforce

  • Easy to paint

  • Leading edges of side pods double as scoops if desired by using the cutting lines provided, with no unwanted disruption to airflow or paint artwork if not used

  • Raised lip at the front for servo saver clearance

  • Made from Bayer Makrolon 0.8mm (0.031") polycarbonate

What's included:
  • Unpainted body

  • Unpainted mega downforce wide centre V-wing

  • Overspray film on body & wing

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