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RC10 B44, B44.1, B44.2 gear diff conversion [BBR0019]

Fits: RC10B44, RC10B44.1, RC10B44.2

Price: $99.00 (AUD)
in stock


Update: This product is no longer in production as it has been superseded by the release of the B44.3 and Associated's own gear differentials. I can however still produce spare pinions for any previous customers if required.

As used by Team Associated team drivers including Steven Hartson to win the 2013 4WD IFMAR world title!

Price includes postage worldwide. If out of stock, Email me for availability regarding this kit - thomas@bugleboyracing.com. I usually keep stock of the parts required and can machine them to order.

Gear diff conversion kit for the B44 B44.1 and B44.2. This kit contains everything required to fit Durango DEX410 differential assemblies into a B44 transmission case.

  • Go longer between rebuilds with diffs that remain silky smooth unlike ball diffs which lose their smoothness soon after a rebuild.

  • For modified classes the crown gear and pinion are much more durable than the original nylon ones. Diff slip is also completely eliminated.

  • A wide range of differential action adjustment can be obtained through use of different thicknesses of oil, thus making gear diffs more adjustable than ball diffs.

What's included:
  • 2x DEX410 pinions machined to suit.

  • 2x B44 pinion shafts machined to suit the modified pinion.

  • 4x 15mm ID - 5/8" OD bearing sleeves.

  • 1x oversize bearing sleeve for use as a tool to push bearings out of the sleeves to replace with new bearings if required.

What's required:
  • 2x DEX410 differential assemblies (TDR210001)

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