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Yokomo B-MAX 4 III Front Bumper [BBR0040]

Fits: Yokomo B-MAX 4 III

Price: $7.00 (AUD)
in stock


Are you sick of wearing through the front bumper on your buggy nearly every second race meet? Well here is the heavy duty Bugle Boy Racing front bumper for the Yokomo B-MAX 4 III.

Made from 1/8" thick Kydex this bumper will last much longer than the original. It has been designed so that it is a direct bolt on using the original screws.

This bumper is designed for racers who want a tougher front bumper, but not one that can dig in when you don't quite get your landing angle right. It features a longer radius bend on the kick-up than the original bumper for less chance of catching on objects protruding from the track surface.

  • Made from thermoformed 1/8" Kydex for long lasting durability

  • Attaches using the original screws

What's included:
  • One front bumper

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